Here is a list of frequently ask questions we have put together. We are completely transparent with how we run our competitions and business and we hope you can understand why we run them the way we do.

The competition draw date is stated on the entry page for each competition. We will only extend the draw date if the minimum amount of tickets haven’t sold, however if the maximum amount of entries for that competition is sold before the date it may be brought forward.

Your ticket number(s) will be shown as soon as your order is confirmed and will be available under ‘My account’ and in your email confirmation.

The draw takes place live on the One Pound Competitions Facebook Page using a Google random number generator to determine the winner.

Your order will show as cancelled if you did not complete the payment, or if your payment failed. Orders are automatically cancelled after 10 minutes if we do not receive a successful payment.

We require minimum of entries to make sure the cost of the prize is covered. In a short period of time, many competition companies burn out eventually giving away prizes regardless of tickets sold. We want to give away prizes regardless and we will when the business is in a position to.

The cost of the prize is 75% of the tickets, the other 25% is where we make money, that is if more than 75% of tickets is sold. “If for example 80% of tickets is sold we would make 5%. We still then need to pay transaction fees, running costs and marketing, which in that example would be at a loss on the competition”. We don’t earn as much as people think, once we have paid all the running cost of the competition. So lets make sure the competitions are as close to sell out as we can, so we can giveaway even better prizes!

One Pound Competitions is a trading name of Digital Savings Group Ltd.  A registered limited company in the UK since November 2020. We run prize draws which are fully complaint with the Gambling act of 2005. We have 4 star reviews on Trustpilot. These are built up from both winners and customers that play regular competitions. We do all of the draws live on Facebook for everyone to watch.